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Bracha on different parts of mountain range

Question: finish sources

  1. If I’m in the alps, and see different alp mountains at different times, do I make a bracha on each one? What happens if I’m on a journey through a mountain range, and the scenery is continually changing?
  2. Another question – if I first saw the mountains from an aeroplane, but didn’t make a bracha because I wasn’t sure if the view was clear enough, can I still make the bracha when seeing them later from the ground?


  1. You would not make another bracha, as it is controversial, if it is considered seeing something new or not, and safek brachos l’hakel.
  2. When seeing the ocean or mountains from a plane, even if the view is not clear according to numerous poskim we can still say the bracha. Saying the bracha later when you land, is problematic, since you already saw the mountains.

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  1. M:B 224-17 who brings the different opinions and at the end he writes to see the Pischei Teshuva, and over there he writes that since it is a safek brachos one should not make another bracha, see Sharei Hoayin chap. 1-15.
  2. Sharei Habracha 21-2, see ftnt. 2 that he brings from R’ M. Shternbuch shlit”a that even when seeing from a plane and it isn’t clear, if the actual mountain or ocean was seen then one can make the bracha. Also see V’zos Habracha pg. 154.

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  1. Thank you for the answer. Would both situations together create a sfeik sfeika in favour of saying the bracha?

    I also wasn’t clear what I meant by the view from the plane not being clear – I could only see the tops of the mountains over the clouds. Would R’ M. Shternbuch say a bracha even in this circumstance?

    1. If you saw the clouds from the tos of the mountains, you would make the bracha as you are seeing the most majestic part of it. besdies you don’t haveto se the whole mountain in order to make the bracha, you have to see it in a way that you are impressed by it. If you only saw that, it do\es no seem to be a sfek sfeika, but ony one safek, do you say on the new mountains.

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