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Unsubscribing to the tzedoko calls and emails?


Is there a problem of avoiding to give Tzodoko if you unsubscribe to the tzedoko calls and emails? Is it correct to say that I only give Tzodoko if they call me in person or come to me then I give.


There is a negative commandment ( a lav) not to turn away a poor person that asks us for tzedakah. The poskim say that this only applies if indeed the person asks us specifically, but when a general mailing or phone calls are made, and they don’t specifically mean you, but the general public, then this rule doesn’t apply, and it is permitted. Additionally, the lav only applies if it the actual poor person that is asking , but the if it is a gabbai tzedakah or someone else. It is important to remember that our discussion is only regarding trhe lav for not giving them, and although when not giving to these people we are not transgressing anything, nevertheless it is still a great mitzva to give them, if possible.

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