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Matir Neder for the future


I recently sent in a question regarding one using the term “Neder” when the context is a “Shevuah”.
The response in short was that it remains a good neder especially because it was for a Mitzvah.

My question now is, does the 2nd part of Hataras Nedarim we say Erev Rosh Hashana, which basically says that my future Nedarim should be Batul Etc. have a practical application??
Would the neder still be Chal?
I did not make this neder in spite of the Hataras Nedarim. I actually forgot about it.

Thank you


We don’t rely on the mesiras mpoda’ah for a neder that a person said, but only for nedarim that weren’t spoken out, such s if a person did a hanhaga of mitzva three times without saying bli neder, and even then only under s=certain conditions.

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Rema Y:D 211-1, Salmas Chaim Y:D 62, Minchas Shlomo 1-91(20), Kol Nidrei 73-8.

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