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Brachos when I eat crackers and peanut butter


When I eat crackers and peanut butter, or crackers with chummos, I personally don’t do it just to have a better tasting cracker, but also because of the added nutrients/protein of the toppings and therefore specifically want to eat them too. However, I don’t particularly like either topping plain without a cracker.
Do I make two separate brachos? If yes, what is the bracha on plain peanut butter and plain chummos?


If you specifically want to eat the chumus or peanut butter, because of its own reason and not because you are eating the crackers, then it would appear that you can make two brachos. What is best to do in this situation, is to separate a little bit of the chummus and make bracha on it before eating the cracker. This way you already made a bracha on it, and you won’t get stuck in an iffy situation.

The bracha on them both would be shehakol, because it is ground finely, it doesn’t resemble the original bean.

Kesia v’chasima tova




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