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“Damage” to a shiur handout?


I was recently at a shiur. The Rav printed handouts (pages of a sefer, printed from otzar hachachma). During the shiur, I was absentmindedly touching the papers with a finger that had a cut and saw that there were a few pink/red lines that got on the paper (I guess the cut bled somewhat and got on the paper). It wasn’t on the letters but I want to know if I have to apologize or ask mechila for that. I’d be very embarrassed to say something but I want to know if that is the halacha and the right thing to do.
Thank you!


You don’t have to ask the Rov mechila, because we can assume that he is mochel it. Unless the papers are used in a permanent basis, they will be 0put into shaimos after the shiur, and he doesn’t care about what happened.

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  1. What if it is an ongoing shiur so the handouts will be used again? They are still “disposable”(shaimos) but they may be intended to use more than one shiur. Thank you!

    1. What was meant by disposable was that if it was a one time shiur on that topic and the handouts won’t be used anymore.

      1. So I would have to ask mechila if they will probably be used another time?

        1. It is hard for me to say. Most probably the person doesn’t mind. If you are talking to the person anyways you could mention it in passing, otherwise I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

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