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Clarity on vegetables blessing


A bracha on vegetables are recited as follows: “Boreiy peree ha’adamah” (who create fruits of the ground). This is said after eating various of vegetables. It’s interesting. Why said as fruits rather than vegetables stated above? Thank you.


Good point. Borei pri hoadoma is a semi general bracha for all things that grow from the ground, and borei pri haetz, is more specific to the fruit of a tree. A tree is more prominent, therefore we make a more specific bracha on its friuts. In truth if someone said borei pri hoadoma on a fruit, in retrospect he is yotza, because a fruit does grow from the ground.

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O:CH 202-1, 203-1.

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  1. I’m not sure, but it seems to be that the questioner was asking regarding the wording of “Pri” which means fruits as opposed to the word vegetable in Hebrew. To this, the answer would be that “Pri” is the general word for any type of outgrowth from anything including “Pri HaEitz”, “Pri HaAdama”, or even “Pri Beten” (children).

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