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Do you need to wait 6 hours if there was wrapped meat in the cholent


I double wrap meat in my cholent in silver foil – I don’t want the meat – but some do. If I eat from that Cholent – do I need to wait 6 hours before eating dairy? There is no Shamnunis or no meat getting stuck in my teeth – thus – although Ta’am may go into the Cholent – is there a need to wait six hours? Thank you.


One of the reasons why we wait 6 hours after eating meat is because it has a strong taam. The taam of meat has shamunis in it, and that taam lasts. If the meat would be sealed in a way that none of the cholent’s liquids seep inside it and out, then your point might be correct, however with silver foil, even if it is double wrapped, the liquids of the cholent will get in and out of it. Therefore, there is a need to wait 6 hours.



Y:D 89-1, Shach 1, Taz 1.


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