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Havdalah on Tisha B’av for a chola


Shalom Rov
When a persons wife is pregnant and doctor and Rov says not to fast. When the husband makes Havdalah for her Motzei Shabbos and she does not like to drink wine can he make Havdalah on Coffee? also on Motzei Shabbos does he start with the beginning Hena Kal or start with the Brocha Of Shehakol if he can use coffee ,also one more question who makes the brocha of Shehakol or Hakofen the husband or the wife
We should hear besorus Tovas with the coming of Meshach



Thank you for your question.

Before answering your question, I would just like to comment that even though the doctor and Rov said that he shouldn’t fast, did they mean that she should eat even on Motzei Shabbos? It just might be advisable to double check this with the doctor or Rov.

Regarding the actual making of havdalah on Tish b’Av,

  1. Even if havdalah is said on Motzei Shabbos we don’t say the pesukim before the brachos.
  2. The husband may not drink from the havdala.
  3. If Havdalah is said on motzei Shabbos the bracha on the candle can be said during Havdalah, if not, it is said separately, but only on motzei Shabbos.
  4. We don’t say the bracha on besamim, even if Havdalah is said at night, because it is a pleasure and we minimize our pleasures on Tisha B’av.
  5. She can make havdalah on coffee, and she doesn’t have to drink more than “male lugmav” (a cheek-full) or a reviis of it. If it will be said on grape juice, it should be given to a child (between 6-9) if possible.
  6. The husband will be yotza Havdalah when he says it for his wife, he can say the bracha, even if she is the one drinking it.

Have a meaningful, uplifting, and safe fast, and may we all be zoche to see the building of the third Bais Hamikdash.



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