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Beis din being careful not to shame people


What happens if a person is found guilty in beis din? How do the rabbis avoid shaming the guilty party? What happens if a beis din issues a siruv against somebody? Do they warn the person first? How could the person ever rejoin the community and overcome such stigma? Does it ever happen that the person does teshuva and is genuinely welcomed back as a full fledged member of the community?


Most cases that come to beis din are monetary ones, and the beis din dies not shame anyone, however the beis din will issue it’s verdict clearly, and tell the guilty party that he has to pay.

A person that doesn’t want to come to beis din will be summoned a number of times, and only after being warned will the beis din issue a ksav siruv. The person can choose to do teshuva and come to beis and follow what he is told, and in most cases he will be accepted back because now he has done teshuva.

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