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help re: email that involves parent


Kavod haRav,
I received an email from a friend of my mothers asking if my mother is ok because the friend feels there is distance. I would mention it to my mother but the friend said that they don’t want to make my parent feel bad for not sending a bday card, they just want to make sure they are ok. Would it be lashon hara/ transgressing any honoring of my parent to simply say that she is ok and simply busy at the moment? I do not want to involve myself inappropriately…thank you.



Thank you for your question.
You should not say anything to your mother because her friend specifically asked you not to. Replying simply that as far as you know she has no negative feelings toward her and that she still is friends with her, but she must be too involved and busy at the moment. You are not saying anything negative about your mother, and you ae defending her.
Best wishes


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