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What bracha do we say on pita chips


  1. Pita baked & some left over they bake a bit more to make them chips, what is the brocho? If the left overs are then fried w/spices are they now mezonos?
  2. If they are baked initially for chips, is the brocho mezonos?


  1. Hi,
    1. Pita chips made from left over pita (such as homemade ones) will be hamotzei, since they were already pitas, and their original bracha was hamotzei. If they were cooked or deep fried and they are cut into pieces smaller than a kzayis, then indeed the bracha will change to mezonos.
    2. Pita chips that commercial companies are selling are sometimes made from pitas that were originally made to be made into pita chips. They are only baked a little bit, and then sent to the company that will make them into chips. They cut up the partially baked pitas, add spices and finish their baking so that they are crispy. On such pita chips, the bracha would be mezonos. This is the opinion of Badatz Eida Hachareidis, and other poskim.


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    O:CH 166-10, Madrich Hakashrus Eida Hachareidis (5782) vol. 2 pg. 74.

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