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Bedika question


Is inserting a bedika cloth (without doing a bedika) considering tampering with and invalidating a bedika cloth that was used for a bedika?

This is really my question. I did a bedika on day one of shiva nekiyim. I did the bedika, but then after completing it, thought that I should do it again because I wasn’t as complete as usual, so I reinserted and did it again. (I asked another time and was told that it is okay to use the same cloth.) I am comfortable with that second bedika.

But then without thinking much, I reinserted the cloth a third time thinking maybe I should do I again but then realized that the second one was fine and its not necessary. I did not go in far with the cloth the third time. Is putting it inside/rubbing it considered tampering with the cloth? Would it be okay to rely on looking at that cloth for the second bedika that I did, even though it went inside again for a bedika and theoretically something could have rubbed off?
Thank you so much.
Gut Shabbos.



Thank you for your question.

Also thank you for explaining your question clearly!

Often people ask their question in a general, theoretical form, and it makes it hard to answer because the circumstances are not clear as to what happened, and often the question is not understood, and I will think that the person is really asking something else. By stating exactly what happened, it is much easier to relate to the question.

You do not have to be concerned, because the bedika, came out clear, and you do not have be concerned with this since it was right after the other bedika.

In general, it is not a good idea to do one bedika right after the other, especially if it is just because of nervousness. Once you did the bedika properly, you do not have to be worried. By doing more bedikos, you could end of irritating your self and it can then cause bleeding and cause you unnecessary hardship.

Best wishes

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