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Removal of hair on Shabbos


Must one must be concerned about hair coming out (on shabbos)in the following situations. 1) in bed (in a case where hair does come out )
2) scratching one’s head
3)after going to the bathroom and maintaining a guf naki
Additionally would it be a pesik reisha  delo neicha le if you don’t want hair to fall out cause it’s shabbos B) and if you have no intention for hair to come out is it an issur dirabanan



All the instances you mention are aino miskaven, and not a psik reisa, therefore under normal circumstances there is no need for concern.

If you do want the hair to come out, just the fact that it is chillul Shabbos is not enough reason to say that it is lo nicha lei. Otherwise there is no such thing as a psik reisha.

If you have no intention and have no desire for the hair to come out it is lo ichpas lei (don’t care), although there are opinions in the Rishonim that it is permitted, we pasken that it is an assur md’rabonon (however with other added factor there are times it will be permitted).

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 או”ח  ש”כ סעי’ י”ח “חבית שפקקו בפקק של פשתן לסתום נקב שבדפנה שמוציאין בו היין, יש מי שמתיר אף על פי שא”א שלא יסחוט, והוא שלא יהא תחתיו כלי; דכיון שאינו נהנה בסחיטה זו, הוי פסיק רישא דלא ניחא ליה, ומותר. וחלקו עליו, ואמרו דאע”ג דלא ניחא ליה, כיון דפסיק רישא הוא, אסור”.


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