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Lighting on Chanuka when not at home


  1. I am a yeshiva bachur in city x. Erev Shabbos chanuka I will IyH travel to a yeshiva in city y for Shabbos and possibly one or two more days and stay in the dorm where it is not feasible to light because of safety. May I light by my Friday night host instead?
  2. On motzei Shabbos where should I light if staying there, or if traveling back at some point during the night?



  1. If you are not sleeping there, and you are only eating a meal by your Friday night host, that is not enough to call that your home. Therefore, you cannot light there. What you can do, is have someone light your menorah for you in the dorm of your yeshiva. Alternatively, you can acquire some of the oil and wicks of your roommate, and when he lights his menorah for those nights, it is as if he is lighting your menorah for you.
  2. If they don’t allow you to light in the dorm, then that is not an option. You will have to light when you get back, however you can be yotza lighting the same way you were yotza Friday night, see above.

A freilichen Chanukah


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