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lashon hara toeles


Kavod haRav,
When explaining to someone why I wanted to go to a specific Dr’s office that was further away than another one, I said that I had a previous experience of going into a local office and they had an avodah zara statue in the waiting room, so I left. I told the person I would not go to that practice because I did not like the environment and they had an avodah zarah statue there. While it seems that the Dr.’s (2) who work there are not Jewish, there may be Jewish staff/ nurses working there. I basically advised the person I was speaking with to not go to that office due to the avodah zara in the waiting room (and it seems there is another one in a treatment room). I meant it toeles and with respect to the non-Jewish Dr./influences there. Did I accidentally speak lashon hara about the practice/office if there may be some Jewish workers there? (I did not intend lashon hara, but to warn the person not to go. They said they would not go, but then I realized that if they advise someone else not to go, then would what I said be considered lashon hara?)
Thanks very much.




You are correct, what you said was done for toeles, and not considered lashon hora.

Best wishes


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