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Stain on hormonal IUD


I don’t get a period every month anymore, ever since I inserted an IUD yet every month around that time of period I’ll get one day of very light staining.
Never stains underwear, I’ll just notice it in the toilet or on a tissue. I was told not to look but sometimes it happens by mistake. It’s hard to determine the size of the stain because it’s usually in streaks mixed with some discharge. If I had to determine the size of the stain I would say maybe the size of a nickel but im nervous to say for sure because it’s not round.
What should I do?



Even though you don’t get an official period, nevertheless the halachos of nida will still apply if you did in fact see. Therefore, if the stain is the size of a gris, which is either a penny if a dime, then it can be problematic. If it is on a tissue it should be shown to a Rov. Even if it was in the toilet, the issue should be discussed with your Rov.

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