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Observing my father’s yartzheit from a differant country


Is it ok if I am in a different country on my father’s yartzheit? How should I observe it?



You can observe your father’s yahrzeit almost the same way you would if you were in the same country. Although you obviously can’t visit his grave, the main parts of the yahrzeit can still be observed. According to kabbalah a person’s soul rises to a new level on the yahrzeit. Thus, being the case there is a certain level of judgement, to see if he merits the additional level. It is for this reason that the children do numerous things in order to increase the merits of the departed soul. The sons of the departed person, recite kaddish during the three prayers on that day, they also serve s the chazzan, if they can. The children light a ner neshoma, a 24-hour candle in the departed person’s memory. The children learn mishnayot, give tzedakah, and do more mitzvot on this day, all in order to help the departed persons soul in the world of truth. All of this can still be done, even when the child is not in the same country as the departed parent on the yahrzeit day.
May the memory of your father be blessed


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