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Time limit for praying for the sick


People ask for others to prayer for r’fua sh’lema for others, but I often do not see updates on the sick person’s condition. Do we continue ad infinitum or is there a time limit on how long we should pray? If we know that the sick person still suffers from the condition, do we continue past the time limit?




You are very correct, people let others know when they should daven for them, but not when they can stop, and those that take it seriously can go on like that for months.  There are a few options either keep names on the list for no more than 30 days, unless you know that this person still needs the tefilla. Or what you can do is simply, say that you are davening for all the people on your list, and it should be considered as if you mentioned each one individually. This way it is considered as if you davened for them, and it won’t be so cumbersome.

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