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Sukkah: 2 dofen akumas


Is it ok if two of the walls for my sukkah are dofen akumas?
thank you




Yes it is permitted, in fact you can even have four “dofen akuma” if each one is less than 4 amos away from the wall.

Chag Sameach


See Succah 4a, Shulchan Aruch OC:H 633-7.

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  1. A dofen akuma can be up to 4 amos away from a wall?

    I though it had to be within 3 tefachim…

    1. dofen akumais that the roof can be considered a part of the wall and it is as if the wall turned and isn’t straight. The roof part can be up to 4 amos. \

      1. Thank you.
        Just for clarification:
        So if there is a roof but it isn’t kosher sechach you can use Dofen Akuma for up to 4 amos but without any roof you can only have 3 tefachim for that wall?

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