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Avak Lashon Hara on shiurim


Is it permissible to recommend a shiur on social media from a rav if there is a doubt that some people might start detractors? I’m a big confused how some kiruv rabbis encourage people to share their videos when it’s virtually certain some scoffers will make negative comments and wouldn’t constitute avak lashon hara.



It is permitted to recommend a shiur for the public. The fact that there might be people who will scoff at it, is not considered avak lashon hora, as everyone has the free will to do good or bad. as the posuk says “yisharim darcei Hash-m, tzadikim yelchu bo, u’rishaim yikashlu bo”. “Hashem’s ways are straight, the righteous will travel with it, but the wicked will stumble on it”. Publicizing a shiur is a positive thing,. The fact that someone will twist it is that person’s own issue.

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