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Bosis on Shabbos


Does a electric stove top serve as a bussis on shabbos? if so would it be permissible to take anything off the counter which the electric stove is in?

The same regarding a desk with a computer on it.




The desk with a computer on it is indeed a bosis, as you write, however there is an important rule regarding muktza. the prohibition is only to move the mutkva, we are allowed to touch the muktza, (and even if it moves very slightly, that isn’t considered moving it). Therefore you may touch the computer desk, however you shouldn’t be moved.

This also applies to the counter that has a stove built into it. However if the counter is attached to the wall or floor, it is not muktza at all, since buildings are not muktza.

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שו”ע ס’ ש”ח סע’ ג’ וסע’ מ”ב, וס’ ש”י סקכ”ב. וזה דלא כמג”א ס’ ש”י סק”ג וט”ז סק”ה כיון שהכריע כדעת הגר”א ודה”ח. ע’ ס’ שבות יצחק מוקצה ע’ פ”ו שמביא כלכלת השבת כללי מוקצה אות ה’ שאם אינו מניעו רק מנמיחו קצת ע”י שכובש עליו בידו מותר. ורא’ לזה מהא דמדיחין את המת אף שא”א שלא יכבוש בשר המת כשסכו ומדיחו.

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