Sister’s Singing

can an adopted girl sing in front of her biological brother…they havent grown up together Answer: The fact that the brother and sister did not grow up together does not… Read more »


Forgiveness by Email

Is Mechila through email or instant message considered a complete mechila? Answer: There is a certain debate among authorities concerning whether mechilah requires an expression of forgiveness, or whether forgiveness… Read more »


Bad music

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Foaming Soap

What exactly is the halacha regarding using liquid hand soaps on Shabbos and Yom Tov? Also, what about the kind becoming more popular nowawads- foaming hand soap, which foams as… Read more »


Jewish partner?

This is a practical question. I’m an options trader and wanted to hire somebody to help me during the yom tovim. This individual tells me that he is catholic. Then,… Read more »