Undershirt with Tzitzis on Shabbos

Shalom. There is a type of undershirt available on the market made of partially synthetic material with Tzitzit attached (http://www.mishkan-hatchelet.co.il/חולצתגופיית-ספורט/1187-חולצת-ספורט-מידה-s.html). This undershirt has snap-ons to connect. Is it permissible to… Read more »


Disembarking on Shabbos

Debarking a ship on shabbat What are halachic issues? Does it make a difference if boat docks Friday? Answer: There is no prohibition of disembarking on Shabbos. However, one issue… Read more »


Laws of Shabbat

I want to be a practising jew. Therefore, I want to know about the sabbath and yom kippur. Rav, can avail me with their details? GOD ALMIGHTY bless you immensely…. Read more »


Beach on Shabbos

Am I allowed to go to the beach on Shabbos? Answer: Yes, this is permitted, and actual presence on the beach involves no prohibition. However, one much not sunbathe on… Read more »


Train on Shabbos

Hi is one allowed to take a train on Shabbos provided he pays for the ticket beforehand and doesn’t use any electricity to get aboard? What makes it different from… Read more »