Beach on Shabbos

Am I allowed to go to the beach on Shabbos? Answer: Yes, this is permitted, and actual presence on the beach involves no prohibition. However, one much not sunbathe on… Read more »


Train on Shabbos

Hi is one allowed to take a train on Shabbos provided he pays for the ticket beforehand and doesn’t use any electricity to get aboard? What makes it different from… Read more »


Store Open on Shabbos

Hi, Thank you very much for taking the time to reply my question at, With respect to meats that are Torah prohibited, would a Jewish store owner be allowed… Read more »


KY Gel on Shabbos

May one apply ky gel or other liquid solutions on ones body on shabbos. Answer: This is fine and does not involve any Shabbos problems. The nature of KY gel… Read more »