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Boiling eggs

When boiling eggs, how many eggs needs to be boiled at once?


Some have a custom to boil at least three together.

(The idea behind this is that in case one of the eggs has a drop of blood in it, which cannot be discovered seeing as the egg will be eaten without inspecting it inside, it would be Battel in the majority of two to one. This helps only for kosher eggs which are assumed to  have no blood spots. This is not permitted if it is known for certain that one or more of the eggs is not kosher.)

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  1. why is it not a davar sh’bminyon that is not botel?and if you mean when it is mashed into a salad, why is he allowed to be mevatel it l’chatcilla.?

    1. I believe it is only a chumrah. I think the understanding behind it is that any beliyos from the cooking should be bottel in the others.
      One may mash it in a salad because one does not actually know that there is a bloodspot there, and one can rely on rov. Of course, if one sees the blood spot one cannot then mash it in a salad as you have pointed out.

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