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Luke warm noodles, unknown if dairy, placed on cold cuts, if noodles pushed off, can meat be eaten.


Food was bought from at event from two restaurants set on different sides of room.
One restaurant is fleishig, the other is pareve or dairy.
Plate filled with cold cuts meat , which were cold; then pieces of lukewarm noodles unknown if pareve or milchig placed on meats. Within a minute noodles pushed to the side away from meat, if permitted to eat meat. Doubt if noodles were dairy, doubt if anything absorbed into meat, doubt if batul be shishim. Meat became slightly less cold. Question is about eating bedieved. All cutlery were plastic.


B’dieved it sounds alright to me. Since the noodles were at worst made in milchig pot, but not actually milchig, and cold, so there was no transfer of taste.

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