There was a glass (Pyrex) shallow dish in the meat sink filled with water and dirty cutlery (used for meat within 24 hours and greasy). There was a bowl filled about halfway with milk in the adjoining dairy sink. A small dairy pot (not used previously within 24 hours) was filled halfway with water and boiled (with 3 eggs inside). The pot (with boiling water) was then poured out onto the bowl with milk in it, and subsequently splashed over into the meat sink right into the Pyrex dish. The milky hot water mixed with the water in the Pyrex and was clearly noticable. Cold water was immediately (within 5 seconds) poured into the Pyrex from the faucet. Do the meat dishes need to be kashered?


The meat dishes do not have to be kashered. This is because the water that splashed into the meaty pot is not even considered iryui kli sheini. This is since the cold milk had hot water poured into it, which essentially cooled down the water, and that cooled water then splashed into the cold meaty bowl. Therefore it will not make it trief or make it need kashering.


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