Is Viduy allowed to be said like this: “Hashem I’m sorry that I did xyz…” instead of “I did xyz… Hashem, I’m sorry!” Stating just the sin first and then saying I’m sorry is very painful. When I start off by saying I’m sorry that I did xyz then it’s easier to say because even as I confess what I did I’m automatically denouncing it. But then again it also feels like excuse because if I say I’m sorry it feels like I’m expecting Hashem to be kind to me and forgive what I did, instead of when I say what I did before I say I’m sorry it’s must scarier and feels shameful. It’s easier to say what I did if I already said “I’m sorry.” If I already said I’m sorry then it feels like an excuse to confess without fear. Which way is right?


Both ways are considered vidui and are good, since the point was made.


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