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Baking Parve in a Fleishig Oven and eating it with dairy



What needs to be done when using a fleishig oven, in order to keep the keili parve and so the food willl be:
1 – parve and can be eaten with dairy
2 – parve but can’t be eaten with dairy

Thank you!


You can eat the cake with dairy if the oven is either 1. clean and wasn’t used within 24 hours for meat. Even if there is some dried-out, burnt residue on the walls, and the oven wasn’t used in 24 hours, the food may be eaten with dairy. 2. Also if the oven is turned on for half an hour to its highest temperature before baking the parve item inside it, the food can be eaten with dairy. 3. Alternatively if he food in the oven is covered, everything will remain pareve.

However if the oven is dirty, or was used within the last 24 hours for meat, according to many poskim, the food shouldn’t be eaten together with dairy, but only after it.

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