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Eating food cooked in a milky pot after eating meat


If you are meaty, can you eat food that is chezkas milky and vice versa? (I am understanding chezkas milky food to mean parev food that was for example cooked in a clean bein-yomo pot… if I’m misunderstanding on this point, please do clarify).

If you don’t know whether a pot is bein-yomo or aino bein-yomo, are we noheg to assume that it is aino bein yomo?


When a person is meaty he is allowed to eat food that was cooked in a milky pot, (and vise versa) even if the pot is a ben yomo. The prohibition is not to eat actual milk, but not if it is only nat bar nat taste.

If we don’t know if a pot is a ben yomo or not we assume that it isn’t and was not used within the last last 24 hours.

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Tuv Taam V’daas 3-163, Minchas Yitzchok 9-77, M’bais Levi Y:D pg. 35.

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