If you are meaty, can you eat food that is chezkas milky and vice versa? (I am understanding chezkas milky food to mean parev food that was for example cooked in a clean bein-yomo pot… if I’m misunderstanding on this point, please do clarify).

If you don’t know whether a pot is bein-yomo or aino bein-yomo, are we noheg to assume that it is aino bein yomo?


When a person is meaty he is allowed to eat food that was cooked in a milky pot, (and vise versa) even if the pot is a ben yomo. The prohibition is not to eat actual milk, but not if it is only nat bar nat taste.

If we don’t know if a pot is a ben yomo or not we assume that it isn’t and was not used within the last last 24 hours.

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Tuv Taam V’daas 3-163, Minchas Yitzchok 9-77, M’bais Levi Y:D pg. 35.

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