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Follow up to original urn question


Hi I forgot an an important piece of information regarding my original message about the urn so I’ll repost the whole message about that and add that piece of information which may or may not change original psak

So I mistakenly put the wrong disposable hot cup under my urn this morning to make coffee. I had taken a clean one from the cabinet and put it down. I guess I got distracted because when I actually went to make the coffee I realized I mistakenly used a similar cup that was used to serve chicken soup the night before instead. I realized my mistake and threw out the water but wondering if I made my urn/urn spout fleishig from hot steam. What I forgot to mention was that the cup was not clean. Im pretty sure was empty but definitely had remnants. I only realized my mistake after noticing my hot water smelled like soup! From this new info is the urn/spout still parve? Thank you and thanks for answering same question twice.


Yes your urn is still pareve. The steam that came up was only kli sheini, and didn’t b’dieved didn’t make your urn fleishig.

Gut yom tov



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