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Dinei mamomonot and milk/meat


1- I wanted to know what is the din of a milk pan that I made milchig pancakes in. I mistakenly used a meat spoon that may have been used within 24 hours to take out the pancakes from the pan.
The spoon may have reached Yad soledet bo
Must I kasher the pan and spoon?

2 – I was charged by my phone company that an exorbitant amount since I went over the amount of minutes that I am allotted to call America.
I told them that I don’t recall ever being told that I have a Specific amount of minutes to speak overseas. I was under the impression that I could call with unlimited minutes.

The phone company doesn’t have any proof that I was told that I only have 500 minutes to call overseas. Must I pay the bill?


1- If you are not sure that it was indeed used for meat within the last 24 hours, then we assume that it was not within 24 hours. That being the cxase the pan is kosher, but the spoon nees to be kashered.

2-  This is a bit of a technical issue. If you got the service over the phone, the company definitely has a recording of the call, and it is something that can be easily verified.

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