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Milky mouth to fleishig sink


When we were baking, my children put the mixing spoons in their mouth and then back in the mixture (after they had been drinking milk). The ingredients were pareve (though the bowl is considered “Fleishigs”)

I then, without thinking, washed one of the bowls in the fleishig sink with very hot water. Does this create a problem in the sink in case there was a tiny amoutn of milk in the bowl? Also, even if its fine, do I HAVE to wash the sink. For various reasons there is a lot of mold and grime and I’d much rather not wash it out now before using it.

Thank you!


It is nit a problem, because we can readily assume that whateveer residue was on your child’s mouth, it was botil with the water that your washed the dishes with. Therefore there is no need for concern at all.

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