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Daily cleaning of glass stovetop


Dear DIN Rabbis

We have a glass stovetop
How do we clean the glass top daily? Years ago I had asked our Rabbi, my understanding of the response is that the following is ok.
To use a paper napkin, one paper napkin ok
I dispose of it
Then use a new one the next day, etc the area between the burners can get dirty from cooking meat items one day then dairy items the next day, etc.
So that is the impetus of my question


On the assumption that you mean to ask if what you were told What you are writing sounds correct. The glass doesn’t absorb, however the food that falls on the stovetop if it is milky will cause a serious problem if a meat pot is placed on top of it, and vise versa. Therefore, the best thing would be to designate a certain burner to use for milk only and other ones for meat. This way you won’t run the risk of mistakenly placing a meaty pot on top of milk spills etc. Nevertheless, it is important to keep the stovetop clean, and if there is milk or meat spills there they should be cleaned more than just once a day, but before any pot is placed on that area. This is not just an issue of cleanliness, but to prevent you pots from becoming trief.

Best wishes

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