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Is the bread now “Fleishigs” only?


1) I left a bag of bread open for a short while on a counter where there was a plate with meat on it nearby. Is it now assur to eat that bread in the bag with dairy? (it wasn’t touching)

2) Should one be makpid with children regarding eating bread with milcigs that was used for a fleishig meal and vice versa? (Allowing them to drink milk with a slice of challah that was on a tray at the Sabbos seuda for example)

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  1. It is permitted to eat the bread together with meat, since they didn’t touch and you have no reason to assume that they did. During a meal, when people’s hands are greasy from meat etc. and they also reach for bread, that is when this halacha applies, but not in your case.
  2. The halacha that bread leftover from a fleishig meal should not be eaten with milchig does not apply to all bread on the table. For example, the part of the challah that wasn’t yet cut, and there is no fear that it was touched with greasy, fleishig hands is fine to eat with milchig. Additionally bread in a basket on the table we don’t have to fear that it got touched with greasy hands. Leftover bread from the meaty meal that adults cannot eat with milk should not be given to children either.

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Y:D 89-4, Igros Moshe Y:D 1-38, Badei Hashulchan 89-98.

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