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Eating veggie dish from (kosher) Chinese take-out


If I order a strictly noodle-and-veggie dish that they presumably cook in a fleishig wok, does that make me fleishig (6hr wait before dairy)? I believe the custom is to rinse out the wok between uses. Does the wok make the veggie dish fleishig?


The wok will make the noodle dish fleishig, and according to the Ashkenazi minhag it should not be eaten together with milk. Regarding waiting 6 hours, you would not have to wait, even if the wok was not washed out well, as any residual fleishig that might be on the wok will not make you fleishig for 6 hours.

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Y:D 95-1, 89-3, Shach 89-19.

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  1. Thank you, but could you clarify the part about the meat residue? It seems a word was omitted (perhaps “not”). Thank you again so much!

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