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Using maaser money to pay for child’s tutor


I’m separated woman, not divorced by Torah law, don’t have a get. I live separately from my husband with 2 kids. I have my own income.
What is the right way to separate 10% from income in my case and what can I spend this money on? I am hiring a Torah teacher for my son. Can I use Measrot money to pay for Melamed? Thanks


You may use your maser money to pay for your son’s malamed. There is a halacha that we do not use maaser money to pay for mitzvos that we are personally obligated to fulfill, such as a man buying tefillin, or an esrog from maaser money. In your situation since you are not the child’s father, but the mother. Although paying for a melamed it definitely the correct thing to do, women are technically not obligated to teach their children torah. Therefore maser money may be used for this.

May hashem help that you son should grow up to be a big talmid chacham

Best wishes


Kiddushin 29b, Rema Y:D 249-1.


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