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Elal double refund


During Corona we booked flights on Elal and once they were cancelled, Elal closed all of its phone lines and it was impossible to reach them. I then disputed the charge, but finally got through to Elal and they told me I would get a refund. So I closed the dispute and waiting for the refund that never came. In addition, Elal never sent me confirmation that I would get a refund. I tried to dispute it again, but the bank usually sides with the vendor on a second dispute so they told me I would not get my money back. I’m not sure how, but on the day the bank told me that they would not give me a refund (and I believe Elal had told me the same), I was refunded the charge seemingly from the bank. Fast forward to a month ago and I have not heard from Elal in two years. I am looking at my credit card activity and I see that Elal issued refunds for those flights again! It would be nearly impossible for me to correct this error since there is no one at Elal to talk to in the accounting department, and they had terrible records the first time around about what had transpired. I think the bank thinks that they haven’t refunded the money, so I’m not sure how they could help here either. Since Elal is Jewish owned, how far do I need to go to tell Elal or the bank that I’ve been refunded twice. I honestly don’t think there is a way given the customer service of each to do anything about the double refund.



Thank you for your question.

Since it is a Jewish owned company, you should let them know in writing the information of the booking, and that you received a double refund. After that it is their job to work to get back their money. You can try their customer service and contact page, and on their web page there is an address of the head of the department. Send him the e-mail.

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