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A widow who was unaware of the issue of Pruzvul and Shmittas Kesafim asked about a loan that she had made before Shemitta to a relative. The borrower needed the money to pay for a construction project that he was receiving a government rebate to sponsor, but he needed to lay out the money. He told the lender that he would pay back as soon as he received the government money, but a repayment date was not set. Now Shemitta has passed without the lender being aware that she needed a Pruzbul, and the borrower is still waiting for the government money to be able to repay. Could we say that since the lender was waiting for the borrower to receive his government money the loan would be like a loan with a set date that Shemitta does not cancel?



From what you are describing, it seems that shemitta won’t cancel the loan. Shemitta will onlyu cancel loans if they are already due, however if the due date has no come yet, you don’t yet owe the person the money. This is since they made up that the payment date is when the money from the government arrives, and that date has not come yet.

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