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Girl bought a phone and didn’t tell her parents.


I am in 8th grade, and few days ago, somebody told me that a girl who is in my class who I am friendly with took some of her money that she had earned this year went to the store bought herself a phone and did not tell her parents. Now only me and about 4 other girls know. Next year we are going into high school, and this might really affect her. What should I do? Can I still be friendly with her? Should we tell her parents?




Before answering you, we have to understand that this is lashon hora and heresay, and we may not beleive it as fact. Nevertheless, we can treat it as questionable. Regarding telling the parents,  that mind not be such a good idea, because we do’t know the family situation over there. It might help to tell this to an uncle who knows the family situation, and if he thinks it shold be told to the parents then he or you can. Even if the parents are told it can only be said as something questionable, but not as fact.

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