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Homeopathic sweet pellets


Thank you for this tremendous forum! May the Rabanim and those who are involved be geBencht !
בכל מילי דמיטב
May I ask if a שהכל is said when taking 5 tiny pellets for medicinal purposes? These pellets provide refuah and pain relief, and they have a relatively pleasant taste.
They are taken every 15 minutes or so, sometimes at longer intervals.
Thank you again!



Thank you for the bracha, you and your family should also be gebentched!

Regarding your question, if they are tasty then you should make a shehakol on them, since you are enjoying their pleasant taste. If yo know that you will be taking another pellet in 15 minutes, you would not have to say another bracha on the other pellets. 

Best wishes and a refuah sheleima



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