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Shabbos bishul questions


1) How can I warm up fried shnitzel on a hotplate on shabbos? Is it okay to put it on top of a pot that is on a hot plate?
2) Is it okay to add cold water to hot soup/tea/etc in kli shlishi? What about pouring hot soup/etc onto cold water drops in a kli shlishi?
3) Is it okay to put bread/matzah/cookies in a kli sheni?




  1. It is ok to put the fried shnitzel on top of a pot on top of your hot plate. The shnitzel was already fried, and it doesn’t appear to be cooking because this is not the normal way things are cooked.
  2. It is permitted to add cold water to a kli shleishi, in fact you can even add cold water to a kli sheini, as water does not cook in a kli sheini.
  3. It is controversial if we may put baked into a kli sheini, therefore we are stringent about this and do not place baked items into a kli sheini.
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