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Masig Gevul


My neighbor and I share a driveway where street parking is almost impossible. I pull one car into my garage and park the other in front of it and my neighbor does the same on his side. A new neighbor bought the house and decided to take down his garage and extend his house 14 feet in the back. I cautioned him that he would not be able to park his cars in the back unless he shortened the extension or angled it in the way I did. He did not listen. Now after 44 years of living peacefully with my neighbors I can no longer park my second car even though it is completely on MY property without him complaining that he can’t move his cars. Aside from me having to be neighborly isn’t he oiver on masig gevul?



If I am understanding your question correctly, you can still park your car in your property, so he isn’t taking anything away from you. what changed now is that you now have a kvetchy neighbor, that doesn’t want you to park you car on your property. That doesn’t seem to be masig gevulk, as he didn’t take anything away from you. you can still park your car on your property. masig gevul applies when he actually takes something from you, but not if he is only preventing you from using your property.

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