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Hezek Shemiah


I know that hezek Shemiah lo shamanu, but I was wondering if that was only by speaking or “normal” noise. Would the halacha still not consider it hezek if a neighbor was shouting with a megaphone? Is there any source that is mechalek between normal and not normal sounds?
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The term “hezek shemia lo shamanu”, is referring to the opposite case then what you are referring to. It is referring to a case where someone built a fence, and he is afraid that someone may hear him talking and know his private matters. On that we say that one doesn’t have a claim against someone else that he can hear him talking. What you most probably mean to ask is it forbidden to disturb the peace of your neighbour by making noise. This depends on what type of noise. If it is normal type and level of noise, a person is permitted to do this in his property. However, if it is louder that what is normal, then the neighbor has the right to complain about this.

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שו”ת רבי אליהו מזרחי (הרא”ם) סימן ח “ואין טענה מהשמיעה ששומעין זה לזה דהא לא אשכחן בכולה תלמודא הזק כי האי גוונא וכן משמע מדברי הרמב”ן ז”ל דקאמר אבל בשל סיד הכל תלוי ביד הדיין דמשמע דלא חיישינן אלא בחוזק ובחולשא אבל לענין שמיעה לית לן בה דאי דחיישי’ לשמיע’ בסיד אמאי לא יצטרך לו’ טפחים דמתניתי’ הא מהכי שמע כל חד לחבריה וא”כ מה לי בטיט מה לי בסיד אלא לאו ש”מ דלא חיישינן לשמיעה ש”מ”. וע’ חו”מ ס’קנ”ה סע’ ז’, ט”ו, ל”ט, וס’ קנ”ו סע’ ג-ד’.


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