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Soup in a papercup


The other day I was drinking a hot coffee in a paper cup. At some point I put the coffee cup down on not such a clean table that has a questionable kashrus status, but not used in the last 24 hours for anything meaty, and I don’t know how hot the cup was when I put it down onto the table. I then used a different paper cup to take hot soup (made with milchig equipment) and I put that hot cup of soup (including the cup) into that first paper cup that was now empty of coffee, except for maybe a few drops at the bottom. At some point I refilled the soup into the soup cup that was still inside of the coffee cup. Then I got a bit nervous that maybe that first cup was put down on the table while it was still hot at the bottom, and then when I put the soup cup into that cup it transferred not kosher taste to the soup cup, and then when I refilled the soup into the soup cup, some steam or splash back hit the ladle and might have effected the soup pot/ladle. Is this something I need to be concerned of?
Thank you.




There is no need to be concerned. the coffee cup was a kli sheini, and even if it leaked, the bottom of the paper cup, is raised and didn’t touch your table, so nothing happened to the cup, and everything is fine.

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