If a cold dairy item touches a cold, clean and empty meat plate, is the dairy item ok to consume?
And is the meat plate still a meat plate

If we use cloth napkins with a meat meal, and then wash them in a washer.dryer, can the clean cloth napkins ok to use with a dairy meal

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  1. If a cold dairy item touches a cold, clean and empty meat plate, the dairy item is ok to consume. The meat plate is stilly meaty; however, it should be washed off well before using it. As a rule, we should not put cold dairy items on to a meaty plate, and my assumption is that you are merely asking in retrospect.
  2. Technically you can use cloth napkins for a meaty meal, then wash and dry them, and they are ok to use for dairy afterwards. This would be the same as using the same tablecloth for meat and milk, and washing it between uses. The minhag however is not to do this because it can lead to mistakes, and it may be used for meat when it is still milky or vise versa. Therefore, although it is permitted it is not the custom to do it.

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Hilchos B’sar B’chalav 3-64 ftnt. 118, Poskim

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