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Hair-Pulling on Shabbos


I have a condition called trichotillomania where I pull out my hair. I have gone for therapy in the past but I am not currently. I wanted to know if it is considered a transgression when I pull on shabbos or it it’s considered like a choleh? If it is a transgression and I start going for therapy again, can I consider it a shabbos expense in which Hashem will pay for it?
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A choleh is not allowed to be mechalel Shabbos. It is only when the chillul chabbos is needed in order to save the person’s life. (Unless it is halachically considered a “ones”, but I cannot determine this). Therefore, you should definitely continue with the therapy, and do whatever you can not to pull hairs out on Shabbos. Gong for therapy in order not to violate the Shabbos would be considered a Shabbos expense.

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