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parve & dairy spoons used to stir instant coffee in dairy mug


This is a two part question:

1. If I used a dairy spoon to scoop out instant coffee from the package and stir it in a dairy mug, would the coffee container now become dairy since it had a cold dairy spoon in it?

2. If I used a parve spoon to scoop out the instant coffee from the package and then stir it in a hot dairy mug (without any actual milk), would the previously parve spoon now become dairy because of the hot water contact in the dairy mug?

Thank you for your help.


1. Since the spoon was cold it didn’t impart any of its taste into the container and therefore the container is still pareve.

2. Although it isn’t a good idea to use a pareve spoon in a hot dairy mug, however in retrospect the mug didn’t make the spoon milky, because there was no actual milk inside it at the time.

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