Question: I have a large/wide Arba Kanfot. Is it permissible to fold over and sew the sides over to become smaller/narrower? If so, can a non-Jew do the sewing? Thank… Read more »


Tzitzit width?

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Children’s Tzitzis

Question: Do children’s tzitzis need to be put in genizah when no longer being used? Does this also apply to individual strings of the (child’s) tzitzis that rip and are… Read more »



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Undershirt with Tzitzis on Shabbos

Shalom. There is a type of undershirt available on the market made of partially synthetic material with Tzitzit attached (חולצתגופיית-ספורט/1187-חולצת-ספורט-מידה-s.html). This undershirt has snap-ons to connect. Is it permissible to… Read more »


Time for Tallis

Shalom, When is the earliest time that bracha over tzitzit is valid bedieved? Is there a period of sefek before that time? Thank you. Answer: In this matter there is… Read more »


Tallis for Mussaf

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Washing Tallis

Can a Tallis Gadol be washed in a washing machine? Can it be ironed afterwards? Answer: It can be, but many prefer to use dry cleaning because of the concern… Read more »


Tzitzis Knots In

I heard that if one who wears his tzitzis out of his pants, should not wear the knots outside of his pants only the strings themselves. Is there any truth… Read more »