Mezuza in Tree House

Question: Does a tree house in one’s yard require a mezuza if it has the requisite dimensions? With a bracha? Answer: If the tree house is a permanent edifice and… Read more »



Question: A male relative of mine unfortunately, rachmana l’tzlan, married a non-Jewish woman. She had a huge inheritance from her late father and bought the house they presently live in…. Read more »


Taking down mezuzot?

Question: Hello, I am currently renting an apartment with roommates in Israel. When I moved in, there was a mezuzah on my bedroom door, but there wasn’t a mezuzah on… Read more »


Mezuza Removal

I am renting an apartment. If I put up my own Mezuzot, can I take them down with the termination of the rental? Answer: Mezuzos should not be taken down… Read more »