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Mishanh Shabbes 2:5

Question: In the mishnah of shabbes 2:5 it states: משנה מסכת שבת פרק ב משנה ה המכבה את הנר מפני שהוא מתירא מפני עובדי כוכבים מפני לסטים מפני רוח רעה ואם בשביל (ונ “א מפני) החולה שיישן פטור כחס על הנר כחס על השמן כחס על הפתילה חייב ורבי יוסי פוטר בכולן חוץ מן הפתילה […]

Lighting Chanukah Lights in Chutz La’aretz

Question: Question from Brooklyn, NY: 1) In Eretz Yisroel where they light outdoors, there is a great diligence to light within 20 – 30 minutes after sunset, many light at sunset itself. Does this apply outside of Eretz Yisroel where everyone lights inside? 2) There is a discussion concerning the opinion of the Ritvah, and […]

Drinking water before birkas ha-torah

Question: Can you say shehakol and drink water in the morning before saying birkas ha-torah?   Answer: Thank you for your question. Yes you may say shehakol on the water before birkas hatorah. Birkas Hatorah is a bracha we have to say before learning any Torah. We are however allowed to say various brachos, and […]

Hachnasat Sefer torah during year of Aveilut for a parent

Question: Should one avoid attending an Hachnasat Sefer Torah being given to my shul. Add on point, is there any change to this when wanting to go to take my young boys (8 & 6) to experience the excitement of their first such event.   Answer: Hello, You can take your children there for the […]

Possible temporary male infertility from medicine

Question: Would there be a problem with taking a commonly prescribed medicine such as prozac that possibly has a side effect of temporary male infertility (recovers after ceasing medecine) because of lo sihiya akur?   Answer: Thank you for your question. This is not a concern, and a person that needs it should not abstain […]

Can women shower while candles are burning?

Question: Can women shower while candles are burning or is that considered work?   Answer: Yes. A woman may shower during the half hour after lighting the candles. The reason for this minhag is because Yehudis, the daughter of Yochanan the Kohen Gadol, fooled the Greek general and seduced him with cheese (and wine) and […]

OCD thoughts while praying and in life

Question: Dear Rabbi, I have OCD and have intrusive thoughts and compulsions during prayer. Should I stop and do prayer later? Also, some of my thoughts are disturbing like racism, antisemitism, and about satan/devil. One can never give soul away, but thoughts still scare me. Are they sinful thoughts and should I repent?   Answer: […]

Should a person be mechalel Shabbos to avoid arrest?

Question: Should a person be mechalel shabbos to avoid arrest? For example, there was a recent news story in Israel of a group that was offered the choice of getting arrested or boarding a plane. Another story was that someone was offered the choice of being arrested in Los angeles or signing a ticket. What […]

Won’t be home for tonight’s lighting, what do I do?

Question: I am going to Israel tonight and won’t be able to light because I will be in airport what should I do?   Answer: Thank you for your question. When you are traveling you can not light while you don’t have a “home” therefore lighting in the airport is not an option. Here are […]

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Were there Jews on Ship Margaret and in Plymouth?nd?

Question: Dear Din Online: Happy Thanksgiving!!! And on board of ship Margaret in 1619, were there any Jews? And in Massachusetts, in Plymouth in 1621, amongst the pilgrims were there, probably, any Jews?.. Thank You very much for reading this letter of mine… and… Happy Thanksgiving!!! Ba kavod rav meod, Answer: I have no idea […]

Making havdalah before maariv on Motzei Shabbos?

Question: Is there any issue with making havdalah before maariv on motzei shabbos?   Answer: Thank you for your question. If there is an issue with making havdalah before davening maariv depends on when you are making havdalah. It is incorrect to make havdalah while it is still Shabbos. Although technically it can be done, […]

Can I buy non kosher food for coworkers

Question: I work in an area where there are no kosher restaurants and would like from time to time to purchase non kosher pizza for my non Jewish coworkers who are hard working and good people. Is this allowed if it’s delivered?   Answer: If you are buying it only for non-Jewish workers, and the […]

Calculating shloshim date – time sensitive

Question: Shalom, My father-in-law was niftar 20 Marcheshvan, and brought to kevura in EY and the kevura was at night of the 22nd, while it was still 21st back in the States. My brother-in-law flew with the niftar to EY for the kevura while everyone else stayed behind in the States. Then he went back […]

אי הבנה בין הצדדים

Question: שלום וברכה א’ שעושה שעוזר לאנשים לארגן מסמכים כדי לקבל תקציב מהמדינה וא’ עשה אצלו ושילם לו ועשה לו רק שהלוקח טעון שהוא הסביר את עצמו טוב ולכן לא היה צריך לקרות טעות והנותן שירות טעון שהוא הבין אחרת ולכן עשה ככה והנותן השירות אומר שמוכן לתקן את הטעות אבל בשביל זה צריכים לחכות […]

Can I have a goy turn my ac lower to make it even cooler in my house?

Question: If my house is not so cool. Can I have a goy come turn the air lower to make my house cooler on Shabbat?   Answer: The goy should not come to lower your a/c for you on Shabbos. the reason is because essentially we may not ask a goy to do melacha for […]

Added name for a choleh remaining if he was niftar

Question: My relative was sadly niftar after being in the hospital for a little more than 5 weeks. He went into sudden cardiac arrest after his blood pressure dropped and a rabbi and his sons added a name, seemingly without a minyan. My relative was more or less unresponsive with the exception of moving his […]