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Praying for personal things on Shabbos

Question: I know that on Shabbos we are to Honor it by not doing our own ways, from seeking our needs or discussing the forbidden and I want always to Honor the Shabbos to the highest level. Is davening for our desires considered seeking our needs? I know we can pray for Shidduchim on Shabbos, […]

covid minyan. individual cubicles with transparent walls enclosed from all sides.

Question: Can the people be combined as a minyan? I left the doorway unzipped. However, some are are enclosed from all sides. even if they are all unzipped is there a problem of combining to her a minyan?   Answer: Although ideally all ten people should be in the same place, under the circumstances it […]


Question: האם שם עדיאל לתינוק זה טוב ומה היה טיבו בתנך צדיק או חלילה רשע?   Answer: הרבה מזל טוב! השם עדיאל מוזכר בדברי הימים א פ”ט י”ב שהוא היה כהן אבל לא מוזכר שם אם הוא מה טיבו. השם הזה מוזכר ג”כ בדברי הימים א כז-כה שהיה ממונה על אוצרות המלך דוד איש בשם […]

Purchasing from an idol worshipper

Question: B”H Kavod haRav, Regarding clarification of purchasing from a specific vendor who is not Jewish- may I purchase from a vendor who makes references to non-Jewish concepts, such as using the term “g-d…ess”…would this person’s merchandise become forbidden to the Jew because of these references, or it’s ok for the Jew to buy here? […]

Informing for a constructive purpose

Question: B”H Kavod haRav, Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. May someone who received damaged goods from a Jewish-owned business inform the business owner to 1. request a refund and 2. to mention that the (food) item may need to be checked so as to prevent someone from being injured? (The question […]

Shema after waking up in the middle of the night

Question: Sometimes I fall asleep while trying to get my baby to fall asleep, without having said shema. If I wake up in the middle of the night, afterward, should I say kriyas shema at that point? If so, should the whole thing be said, or are some sections omitted? Thank you   Answer:   […]

Starting Psukei Dzimra close to zman krias shma

Question: If a person is going to start davening and its so close to zman krias shma that he won’t make it if he says all of Psukei Dzimra, is it better to skip parts of Psukei Dzimra to make it in time, or should he instead say krias shma beforehand and then say all […]

Exercising with Music during sefira

Question: Is it Mutar to exercise to music during sefiras haomer with music?   Answer: Music that is played in order to help you do your exersice is not considered music for happiness and permitted to listen to while you are exercising. Best wishes Sources: Meiri – Sotah 48b, M:B 560-13, Kovetz Halachos (Sefiras Haomer) […]

Is it permitted to listen to music to assist with work on the omer?

Question: I am a programmer who uses electronic music (not happy, no lyrics) to put me in the “zone” and concentrate at work. Is it permitted for me to continue listening to electronic music for this purpose on the omer?   Answer: Music that is played in order to help a person do their job […]

Counting sefirah after hearing someone else counting

Question: Hi, If you are in middle of davening shmoneh esrei during maariv and you hear the Chazan counting sefirah (or others for that matter) does it mean that since you already heard that night’s number you may no longer count [with a bracha]?   Answer: According to most poskim it is not an issue, […]

Tweezing eyebrows on Chol Hamoed

Question: Hi Is it permitted for a man to tweeze his eyebrows on chol hamoed and sefirah?And are there any sources for this? Thank you very much, Answer: Please see the following post which talks about your question. Regarding Chol Hamoed, it is permitted for a woman to tweeze her eyebrows. Best wishes Sources: […]

Jewish Community Heritage

Question: If a case where a Jewish Community is saved from destruction..should Jews help not just the survivors but that Particular community heritage as well..? As an example the Jews of Iraq scrolls at Scrolls and online petition at i.e some who is deeply concerend try to help this community reclaim its heritage […]

Shaving on Isru Chag when observing mourning customs from Rosh Chodesh Iyar

Question: Is shaving permitted on Isru Chag if your custom is to observe mourning during Sefirah from Rosh Chodesh Iyar?   Answer: If you keep the second set of omer days, then you don’t have an issue shaving until your sefira starts, and you may shave on Isru Chag. Best wishes

Why do we separate six hours for meat and one hour for milk?

Question: Why do we separate six hours for meat and one hour for milk? What’s the concept behind it. This website got upgraded? This site looks good.   Answer: The reason why we wait after eating meat, and not after eating milk is because meat has a strong taste which leaves a residue on the […]

Is it ok for me to organize a tehillim group on Chol Hamoed for someone who is sick but not seriously sick?

Question: Is it ok for me to organize a tehillim group on Chol Hamoed for someone who is sick but not seriously sick?   Answer: It is permitted to daven and say tehillim for a sick person or for anyone on Chol Hamoed. Davening does not invlove melacha or something that is disrespectful to the […]